Instagram is Testing the Removal of the 'Like' Feature

Do you care about the likes? Instagram has reported that they are going to remove the like counter from post in hopes of producing more meaningful content. Guess what, I am all for it. 

In a recent conference, Instagram announced they are testing out the removal of the ‘Like’ feature on Canadian accounts. The world is buzzing about it.

The vanity metrics of social media has people fooled. You can buy likes, comments, and followers but you can’t buy authenticity and integrity.  

I have been approached on IG by so many people using bots. It has become annoying. They follow to unfollow. Leave fake comments hoping you’ll fall for the okie doke.  People trying to game the system. DON”T FOLLOW THIS AWEFUL TREND. 😡

Instagram wants their platform full of dope content that keep people on the platform. I think if we remove the like count on posts, people will have to pay attention to content and really determine if is worth a double tap. Instead of seeing the ‘everybody else doing it’ nonsense. 

I want to hear👂🏽from you in the comments. Let me know how you feel about this potential change.

Type - Remove the LIKE

Type - Keep my LIKES

Type - I Dont Care

#yaboylv 🏁